“Joyful Good Read” Online Reading Club (Online Programme)

Two popular local authors will host the Online Reading Club in which they will share how reading is related to everyday life so as to echo with “Life / LIBRARY”, the sub-theme of the Library Festival. Besides, the authors will introduce books and share their reading experience, leading the audience to discover their interest in reading and reconnecting reading to daily life more easily.

Louis Miha  


First session: 15.10.2022 (Sat) 1500-1600 (Playback)

Topic: Literature Guides Life

What is the role of literature in hard times? How can reading help us face adversity? I believe that it is not the first time the world has been cruel. Let’s see how the authors in the past have responded to the world.

The book “昨天喝了河豚湯” documented the life stories of 50 famous authors, exploring how they face life challenges on personal, family, career or history matters. Literature is not just words or phrases, but also a guide to daily life.




Recommended Book:

  1. Miha, 昨天喝了河豚湯


Second session: 22.10.2022 (Sat) 1500-1600 (Playback)

Topic: The Happiness of Little Objects

In the book “尋找漩渦貓的方法”, Haruki Murakami wrote, “In order to find out our own ‘small happiness’ (small but real) in our lives, it is necessary to have something more or less like self-discipline. For example, when we drink a cold beer after enduring an intense exercise, we will close our eyes and mutter, ‘well, that’s right, that’s it.’ Such excitement is the true taste of the so-called ‘small happiness’.”

Even though the term “small happiness” has been misused over the years, the happiness derived from the quote “well, that’s right, that’s it” is real and genuine. The little objects are able to deliver a sense of happiness to us while such happiness and joy can also be found in books and reading.


Recommended Book:

  1. Miha, 一件有益的小物

Yi Shu


First session: 13.11.2022 (Sun)  1500-1600 (Playback)

Topic: How to Find a Good Book?

To answer this question, we must first ask another question: what is a good book? I will discuss with you on what a good book is and how to find a good book. For example, choosing a book based on its cover is also a way.




 Recommended Books:

  1. TSAI Chih-chung, Romance of the Three Kingdoms
  2. Allen SHARP, Invitation to Murder
  3. Dolly LEE and STEM Sir, STEM少年偵探團4:垃圾王國的公主殿下


Second session: 20.11.2022 (Sun)  1500-1600 (Playback)

Topic: Why do I write?

If I had not wanted to be a writer, I would not have learnt how to write. Is that true? In my opinion, writing is like flossing. What does it mean? I will explain it in details and share my experience on "flossing" with you all.


Recommended Books:

  1. Franz KAFKA, The Metamorphosis
  2. A Nong and WONG Sze-ma, 點心集
  3. GUAN Jia-qi and 房科劍, 作文好好玩:讀寫結合‧基礎

Live Broadcasting Channels: Hong Kong Public Libraries YouTube channel and LCSD Edutainment Channel

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