Hong Kong Library Festival 2019

The first Hong Kong Library Festival carrying the theme of ‘Reading‧ Creativity’ was held from 20 October to 21 November 2019.  The monthlong Festival promoted the culture of reading through exhibitions, talks, workshops, as well as parent-child and citywide activities, brought readers various perspectives in reading.


One of the highlights is the large-scaled exhibition held at the Exhibition Gallery of Hong Kong Central Library, offering a diverse reading experience from printed materials and heritage documents to technologies and installations.  Special features included ‘Gulliver Immersive Storytelling Wall’, ‘Comet in Moominvalley’, ‘Application of Technology in Libraries of Tertiary Institutions’, Virtual Reality (VR) experience, showcase of award-winning publications and e-books.

Event Photos

‘Gulliver Immersive Storytelling Wall’ features animation of the classic “Gulliver’s Travels” projected on an eight-metre curved wall.  Visitors triggered the story plots by touching the wall.
Readers explored Nordic fairy tales in the ‘Comet in Moominvalley’ exhibition and storytelling sessions.
Participants used VR facilities for brand new reading enjoyment.
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